This archived statute consolidation is current to November 10, 1992 and includes changes enacted and in force by that date.

Energy Council Act

[SBC 1992] CHAPTER 5

Assented to June 5, 1992

  1.  Interpretation
  2.  Council established
  3.  Remuneration, etc.
  4.  Employees, consultants, etc.
  5.  Pensions
  6.  Council's mandate
  7.  Yearly report
  8.  Power of investigation
  9.  Regulations
  10.  Commencement


1.  In this Act

"council" means the British Columbia Energy Council established under section 2;

"public utility" has the same meaning as in the Utilities Commission Act.

Historical Note(s): 1992-5-1.

Council established

2.  (1) There shall be a council known as the British Columbia Energy Council.

(2) The council shall consist of

(a) one full time councillor appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council during pleasure for a period specified by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, and

(b) the temporary councillors appointed under subsection (3).

(3) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may appoint not more than 6 persons as temporary councillors for the purpose of a matter before the council, or for a period or during circumstances specified by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

(4) A person whose term of appointment as a councillor has ended may be reappointed.

(5) The full time councillor is the chair and chief executive officer of the council and has supervision over the council and direction of its work and staff.

(6) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may designate one or more of the temporary councillors as a deputy chair.

(7) In the chair's absence or inability to act, or if there is a vacancy in the office, a deputy chair shall act as chair, but, if there is no deputy chair, or no deputy chair present or able to act, another councillor may act as chair.

Historical Note(s): 1992-5-2.

Remuneration, etc.

3.  The Lieutenant Governor in Council shall fix the salary of the full time councillor, the remuneration of the temporary councillors, and the terms and conditions of their appointments.

Historical Note(s): 1992-5-3.

Employees, consultants, etc.

4.  (1) Employees necessary to enable the council to perform its duties under this Act shall be appointed under the Public Service Act.

(2) The council may retain consultants, experts and specialists, and fix the remuneration of the persons retained and the terms and conditions of the retainers.

Historical Note(s): 1992-5-4.


5.  The Lieutenant Governor in Council may order that the Pension (Public Service) Act applies to one or more councillors named in the order.

Historical Note(s): 1992-5-5.

Council's mandate

6.  (1) It is the duty of the council to advise the minister on energy matters and, in carrying out this duty, the council must

(a) prepare, with public involvement, and submit a provincial energy plan, at intervals to be established by the minister in consultation with the chair of the council, to assist in developing British Columbia energy policies,

(b) consult the public about energy issues at the request of and on subject matter determined by the minister, and

(c) report the results of public consultations and resulting council recommendations to the minister.

(2) The council must publish a report made under subsection (1) or, in the discretion of the chair of the council, a summary of the report no later than 30 days after reporting to the minister.

(3) In carrying out its duties the council may consult and collaborate on energy matters with

(a) consumers of energy resources,

(b) energy administrators in British Columbia and in other jurisdictions,

(c) persons involved in the energy industry, both in the public and private sectors, and

(d) others.

Historical Note(s): 1992-5-6.

Yearly report

7.  In each year the council must make a report to the minister of the council's activities for the fiscal year ending March 31, and the minister must lay the report before the Legislative Assembly as soon as practicable.

Historical Note(s): 1992-5-7.

Power of investigation

8.  For the purpose of a matter that is or will be before the council and that is specified in the order, the Lieutenant Governor in Council by order may confer on the council the power, privileges and protection given under sections 12, 15 and 16 of the Inquiry Act to a commissioner appointed under Part 2 of that Act.

Historical Note(s): 1992-5-8.


9.  (1) The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations.

(2) Without limiting subsection (1), the Lieutenant Governor in Council, for the purpose of recovering expenses related to the operation of the council, may make regulations

(a) fixing, and authorizing the council to collect, fees, levies or other charges from public utilities or a class of public utility,

(b) fixing the fees, levies or other charges payable by the members of the different classes referred to in paragraph (a) in different amounts, and

(c) exempting a public utility or a class of public utilities from the payment of a fee, levy or other charge.

Historical Note(s): 1992-5-9.


10.  This Act comes into force by regulation of the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Historical Note(s): 1992-5-10.

[Editorial Note(s): Act effective June 26, 1992 (B.C. Reg. 215/92).]