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Volume CLV, No. 8
February 26, 2015
The British Columbia Gazette
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For Sale: Mineral Tenures formerly held by Teuton Resources Corp. (the “Mineral Tenures”) pursuant to a Supreme Court of British Columbia Writ of Seizure and Sale filed on January 23, 2015 in BC Supreme Court Action No. S107895.

Approximately 235 Mineral Tenures, primarily in the Stewart – Premier – Sulpherets - Eskay Creek - Red Chris region of Northwestern British Columbia (the “Golden Triangle”), generally described by Teuton as:

Bay Silver, Big Gold, Bonsai, Campbell Ridge, Clone, Del Norte, Eskay Rift, Fiji, Four J’s, Gold Mountain, Harry, High South, High North, Konkin Silver, Lord Nelson, Melt, Midas, Orion, Pintore, Silver Bell, Silver Crown, Stamp, Tennyson, Tonga, and Yellow Chris.

A complete list of Mineral Tenures, Terms and Bid Documents may be obtained from Accurate Court Bailiff Services Ltd. (the “Court Bailiff”).

Bidding Ends: 12:00 Noon, Pacific DST, March 27, 2015


1. Bids may be received by the Court Bailiff up to 12:00 Noon, Pacific DST on March 27, 2015.

2. Bids must be accompanied by proof of a free miner’s license held in the bidder’s name.

3. Bids may be submitted for any or all of the Mineral Tenures, at the bidders’ discretion.

4. Each bid must be accompanied by a bank draft payable to the Court Bailiff equal to 10% of the bid submitted (the “bid security deposit”).

5. Only Teuton’s prior interest in the Mineral Tenures is offered for sale. Some or all of the Mineral Tenures may be subject to claims by third parties, or to an interest owned or claimed by third parties. Teuton and some third parties have provided some information in this respect, which may be obtained from the Court Bailiff, but the Court Bailiff has not verified the accuracy of any of the information. There are no warranties or representations as to title or the interest to be acquired by a successful bidder. It is the bidder’s responsibility to determine what interest would be acquired by acquiring Teuton’s interest in each of the Mineral Tenures.

6. Successful bidders will be notified by the Court Bailiff and will be required to submit a payment to the Court Bailiff by way of bank draft which is equal to the balance of the amount of the bid (the “payment”). The payment must be received by the Court Bailiff within 96 hours of the Court Bailiff’s notice or the bid will be deemed to be withdrawn. Payments will be held by the Court Bailiff pending Court approval. Acceptance by the Court Bailiff of any bid is subject to Court approval.

7. Successful bidders are responsible for all costs, taxes and/or fees associated with any purchase or transfer of Mineral Tenures.

8. The highest bid will not necessarily be accepted. The Court Bailiff has complete discretion to accept whichever bids are necessary to recover the outstanding sum.

9. If a bid is not accepted by the Court Bailiff, the bid security deposit and payment will be fully refunded without delay. However, the bid security deposit and payment are not refundable if a bidder defaults on closing of the purchase after the bidder’s bid has been accepted. In such an instance, the bid security deposit and payment would be forfeited to the Court Bailiff.

10. The Court Bailiff reserves the right to withdraw some or all of the Mineral Tenures from sale at any time.

11. Successful bids must be approved by Court Order before transfer of any Mineral Tenures can proceed.

For further information about the Mineral Tenures and/or to obtain a bid form please contact the Court Bailiff:

Phone: 604.526.2253 Email: [fe26]