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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Volume CXLVIII, No. 4
January 24, 2008
The British Columbia Gazette
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The Registrar of Companies hereby gives notice of the incorporation of the following societies:

January 14, 2008

S-53112 Leadership Victoria Society.

S-53113 St. Paul's Outreach Society.

S-53114 The International Federation for IT and Travel & Tourism North America (IFITTNA).

January 15, 2008

S-53118 Callaghan Valley Sport & Cultural Society.

S-53115 Pacific Shizen Aikido Kenkyukai Society.

S-53119 Puppetry Renaissance Troupe Society.

S-53116 Rainbow Dream Centre Society.

S-53120 The Owners Association Horsethief #315.

S-53121 The Owners Association Horsethief #326.

S-53122 The Owners Association Horsethief #331.

S-53117 Ugandan Muslims Association in B.C.

January 16, 2008

S-53125 Kootenay Camp Retreat (2008) Foundation.

S-53123 Powell River Educational Services Society.

S-53124 Semper Fidelis Foundation for the Disenfanchised.

S-53126 Victoria Slo-Pitch Association.

January 17, 2008

S-53129 Alternatives to Addiction Advocacy on Salt Spring Island Society.

S-53131 Hosanna Hanin Community Church.

S-53130 May Feldman Client Support Group Society.

S-53127 Sri Lanka Cultural Society of BC.

S-53128 Terminal City Rollergirls Association.

January 18, 2008

S-53137 Burnaby Orphan Aid Thrift Store Society.

S-53138 Canada Hubei Fellow Association.

S-53133 Canadian Youth Development Society.

S-53132 Hastings Folk Garden Society.

S-53135 SPKC Shane Punjab Sports (Kabaddi) Club.

S-53136 Taser Foundation for Fallen Officers.

S-53134 Walk for Hope Foundation. [ja24]