Copyright (c) Queen's Printer,
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Volume CLVIII, No. 14
April 5, 2018
The British Columbia Gazette
Published by Authority


Surveyor General Order No. 2018-030

The Surveyor General, pursuant to section 75 of the Land Act, hereby Orders that the survey, plan and field notes of the following are cancelled:

Cariboo District

Block F, District Lot 4294.

Block G, District Lot 4294.

Block H, District Lot 4294.

Lot 1, of Block H, District Lot 4294.

Lot 2, of Block H, District Lot 4294.

File 0219334.

Dated at Victoria, BC, this 26th day of March 2018.

By Order. — Dave Swaile, BCLS, CLS for Surveyor General of British Columbia, Surveyor General Division. Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia. [ap5]