1.  Tsawwassen First Nation owns all Forest Resources on Tsawwassen Lands and Other Tsawwassen Lands set out in Appendix E-2.


2.  Tsawwassen Government may make laws in respect of the management of Forest Resources on Tsawwassen Lands.

3.  A Federal or Provincial Law prevails to the extent of a Conflict with a Tsawwassen Law made under clause 2.

4.  For greater certainty, Provincial Laws in respect of the marking and scaling of Timber Resources apply to Timber Resources harvested on and transported from Tsawwassen Lands.

5.  Timber Resources harvested on Tsawwassen Lands may be manufactured and exported in accordance with Provincial and Federal Law as if the Timber Resource had been harvested on Private Lands that were granted by the Crown before March 12, 1906 and are not in a tree farm licence area as defined in the Forest Act.


6.  On the Effective Date, Canada will provide to Tsawwassen First Nation an amount, to be paid in accordance with clause 1 of the Capital Transfer and Negotiation Loan Repayment chapter, for the purpose of establishing a Forestry Fund. The value in 2006 of that amount is approximately $106,000.

7.  At the request of Tsawwassen First Nation, British Columbia and Tsawwassen First Nation may meet, as often as annually, to discuss specific economic opportunities related to forestry that may be available within Tsawwassen Territory.

8.  Tsawwassen First Nation may notify British Columbia of the individual who is responsible for forestry matters within Tsawwassen First Nation, to facilitate the provision of information under clause 7.

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