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This Act is current to June 11, 2024
See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Tsawwassen First Nation Final Agreement Act

[SBC 2007] CHAPTER 39


Tsawwassen First Nation Final Agreement



1. The implementation plan for this Agreement takes effect on the Effective Date and has a term of 10 years, unless renewed or extended by the Parties on the recommendation of the implementation committee.


2. The implementation plan:

a. identifies its purposes;

b. identifies the obligations of the Parties;

c. identifies the activities to be undertaken to fulfill those obligations and the responsible Party;

d. identifies the timelines, including when activities will be completed;

e. specifies how the implementation plan may be amended;

f. specifies how the implementation plan may be renewed or extended; and

g. addresses other matters as the Parties may agree.

3. Without limiting clause 58 of the General Provisions chapter, the implementation plan:

a. does not create legal obligations;

b. does not alter any rights or obligations set out in this Agreement;

c. does not preclude any Party from asserting that rights or obligations exist under this Agreement even though they are not referred to in the implementation plan; and

d. is not to be used to interpret this Agreement.

Implementation Committee

4. On the Effective Date, the Parties will establish an implementation committee for a 10 year term that may be renewed or extended if the Parties agree.

5. The implementation committee consists of one member appointed by each Party, and additional representatives may participate in meetings to support or assist a member. The Parties will each appoint their first member of the implementation committee on the Effective Date.

6. The implementation committee will:

a. provide a forum for the Parties to discuss the implementation of this Agreement;

b. establish its own procedures and operating guidelines;

c. monitor and oversee the operation of the implementation plan;

d. review implementation progress;

e. assist in resolution of any implementation problems;

f. recommend revisions to the implementation plan;

g. develop a communications strategy in respect of the implementation and content of this Agreement;

h. provide for the preparation of annual reports on the implementation of this Agreement;

i. before the expiry of the implementation plan, advise the Parties on further implementation measures required and recommend whether the implementation plan should be renewed or extended; and

j. undertake other activities as the Parties may agree.

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