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"Point in Time" Regulation Content

Metal Dealers and Recyclers Act

Metal Dealers and Recyclers Regulation

B.C. Reg. 101/2012

NOTE: Links below go to regulation content as it was prior to the changes made on the effective date. (PIT covers changes made from September 19, 2009 to "current to" date of the regulation.)
Section 1 March 14, 2022
Section 2 February 10, 2013
Section 10 February 28, 2020

 Section 1 (3) (g) was added by BC Reg 61/2022, effective March 14, 2022.

 Section 2 (c) BEFORE amended by BC Reg 4/2013, effective February 10, 2013.

(c) a valid British Columbia identification card issued under the Voluntary Identification Card Regulation that displays a photograph of the holder.

 Section 10 (a) BEOFRE amended by BC Reg 39/2020, effective February 28, 2020.

(a) a registrant must display a copy of his or her registration in a conspicuous place at each business location;