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This Act is current to March 29, 2023
See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Insurance Act


Deposited with Clerk of the Legislative
Assembly on June 21, 2012

Part 1 — Interpretation, Application of Act and Introductory Provisions
1Definitions and interpretation
2Application to contracts
3Contract must be consistent with Act
4Liability of continuing insurer
5Effect on contracts of violation of law
6Application of Limitation Act
7Electronic communications
Part 2 — General Insurance Provisions
8Application of this Part
9Contracts deemed to be made in British Columbia
10Gaming or wagering contracts voided
11Contents of policy
12Dispute resolution
13Court may relieve against forfeiture and termination
14Waiver and estoppel
15Policy in accordance with terms of application
16Effect of terms of contract not set out in policy
17Misrepresentation and nondisclosure
18Effect of delivery of policy or premium receipt
19Payment of refund to assignee
20Effect of unpaid cheque or note for premium
21Collecting unpaid premiums
22Claims payable in Canadian money and in British Columbia
23Limitation of actions
24Payment by insurer into court
25Third person right of action against insurer
26Insurer to furnish copy of application and policy
27Insurer to furnish forms
28Cancellation by insurer
29Statutory conditions
30Proportionate contributions
31Limitation of liability clause
32Unjust contract provisions
33Exclusions from coverage
34Fire perils insured against
35Recovery by innocent persons
Part 3 — Life Insurance
38Application of Part 2
39Application of this Part
40Application of this Part to group insurance
41Issuance and furnishing of policy
42Particulars in policy
43Particulars in group policy
44Particulars in group certificate
45Lack of insurable interest
46Persons insurable
47Termination of contract by court
48When contract takes effect
49Payment of premiums
50Payment of premiums and grace periods
51Duty to disclose
52Failure to disclose
53Nondisclosure by insurer
54Misstatement of age
55Misstatement of age in group insurance
56Effect of suicide on contract
57Reinstatement of contract
58Termination and replacement of group policies
59Designation of beneficiary
60Irrevocable designation of beneficiary
61Designation in will
62Trustee for beneficiary
63Predeceased or disclaiming beneficiary
64Enforcement of payment by beneficiary or trustee
65Insurance money exempt from seizure
66Assignment of insurance
67Entitlement to dividends
68Transfer of insured's rights
69Effect of assignment
70Group life insured may enforce rights
71Debtor insured may enforce rights
72Capacity of minors
73Proof of claim
74Payment of insurance money
75Action in British Columbia
76Limitation of actions
77Documents affecting right to insurance money
78Declaration as to sufficiency of proof
79Court may make order for payment
80Application to court operates as stay of proceedings
81Powers of court
82Payment into court
83Simultaneous deaths
84Insurance money payable in instalments
85Insurer holding insurance money
86Court may order payment
88Payment of insurance money for minors
89Payment to representative of beneficiary
90Presumption against agency
91Insurer giving information
Part 4 — Accident and Sickness Insurance
93Application of Part 2
94Application of this Part
95Application of this Part to group insurance
96Issuance and furnishing of policy
97Particulars in policy
98Particulars in group policy
99Particulars in group certificate
100Exceptions and reductions must be set out in policy
101Statutory conditions
102Omission or variation of statutory conditions
103Notice of statutory conditions
104Limitation of actions
105Sufficiency of proof and role of court
106Termination for non-payment
107Lack of insurable interest
108Persons insurable
109Termination of contract by court
110Capacity of minors
111Duty to disclose
112Failure to disclose
113Failure to disclose on reinstatement
114Pre-existing conditions
115Misstatement of age
116Termination and replacement of group policies
117Designation of beneficiary
118Irrevocable designation of beneficiary
119Designation in will
120Trustee for beneficiary
121Predeceased or disclaiming beneficiary
122Enforcement of payment by beneficiary or trustee
123Documents affecting right to insurance money and effect of assignment
124Insurance money exempt from seizure
125Assignment of insurance
126Entitlement to dividends
127Transfer of insured's rights
128Group person insured may enforce rights
129Debtor insured may enforce rights
130Simultaneous deaths
131Payment into court
132Payment of insurance money for minors
133Payment to representative of beneficiary
134Payments not exceeding $10 000
135Payment of insurance money
136Action in British Columbia
137Insurer giving information
138Undue prominence
139Presumption against agency
Part 5 — Miscellaneous Classes and
Subclasses of Insurance
140Application of Part 2
141Home warranty insurance
142Interpretation for purposes of deposit protection contracts
143Deposit protection contracts
144How deposit protection contract affected by parties
145Insurer to furnish copy of deposit protection contract and form for claim
146Contents of deposit protection contract
Part 5.1 — Societies Engaged in Insurance
146.1Definition and interpretation
146.2Court may relieve against forfeiture in relation to insurance provided by insurance societies
146.3Effect on members of liquidation of insurance society
Part 6 — Administration
147Appeal to superintendent by insured on adjustment charges
148Personal liability protection
149Power to make regulations
150Transitional regulations
151Violation of Act an offence
153Limitation period
154Court order to comply
155-157 Revisions to this Act
158-168 Consequential Revisions
169Commencement of revisions to this Act