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"Point in Time" Regulation Content

Public Health Act

Vaccination Status Reporting Regulation

B.C. Reg. 146/2019

NOTE: Links below go to regulation content as it was prior to the changes made on the effective date. (PIT covers changes made from September 19, 2009 to "current to" date of the regulation.)
Section 7 September 1, 2020
Section 8 September 1, 2020
Section 11 June 19, 2023

 Section 7 BEFORE amended by BC Reg 146/2019, effective September 1, 2020.

If student not vaccinated

7   If a student has not been vaccinated with a scheduled vaccine because of a medical contraindication, a medical health officer may

(a) confirm, in writing, that the student will not be vaccinated due to the medical contraindication, or

(b) refuse to confirm the non-vaccination of the student.

 Section 8 BEFORE amended by BC Reg 146/2019, effective September 1, 2020.

Deemed non-vaccination

8   For the purpose of taking an action under the Act or the School Act in respect of a communicable disease that is preventable by a scheduled vaccine, a student is deemed not to have been vaccinated with the scheduled vaccine if any of the following circumstances apply:

(a) a vaccination status report or proof of vaccination with respect to that scheduled vaccine is not provided as required under section 5 [guardian's duty to report];

(b) a vaccination status report is provided as required but

(i) does not meet a requirement of section 6 [content of vaccination status report] in respect of that scheduled vaccine, or

(ii) is incomplete with respect to, or otherwise fails to address, that scheduled vaccine;

(c) a medical health officer refuses to confirm the student's non-vaccination with that scheduled vaccine under section 7 (b) [if student not vaccinated].

 Section 11 (a) (ii) BEFORE amended by BC Reg 150/2023, effective June 19, 2023.

(ii) the executive medical director of the BC Centre for Disease Control, and