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B.C. Reg. 151/2007
O.C. 356/2007
Deposited June 1, 2007
effective September 4, 2007
This consolidation is current to September 14, 2021.
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Resort Timber Administration Act

Resort Timber Administration Act (Specified Enactment) Regulation

[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 249/2010, July 30, 2010]

Enactments specified

1   The following are specified enactments for the purposes of section 4 (2) (b) of the Resort Timber Administration Act:

(a) section 47.4 (2) (a) [licence to cut for persons occupying land] of the Forest Act;

(b) section 47.5 (1) (b) [content of occupant licences to cut] of the Forest Act;

(c) section 47.6 (2) [forestry licence to cut] of the Forest Act;

(d) section 76 [suspension of licence] of the Forest Act;

(e) section 77 [cancellation of agreement] of the Forest Act;

(f) section 3 [controlled recreation areas] of the Forestry Licence to Cut Regulation, B.C. Reg. 221/2006;

(g) section 91 (1) (a) (ii) [minister may grant exemptions] of the Forest Planning and Practices Regulation, B.C. Reg. 14/2004, but only in relation to the granting of exemptions from section 46 [establishment of free growing stand] of the regulation;

(h) section 105 (1) (a) [stumpage rate determined] of the Forest Act.

[am. B.C. Reg. 249/2010.]

[Provisions relevant to the enactment of this regulation: Resort Timber Administration Act, S.B.C. 2006, c. 30, section 4 (2) (b)]