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B.C. Reg. 180/90
O.C. 867/90
Deposited June 8, 1990
effective August 1, 1990
This consolidation is current to May 21, 2024.
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Park Act

Park, Conservancy and
Recreation Area Regulation

[Last amended July 1, 2022 by B.C. Reg. 123/2022]

Division 1 — Interpretation
Division 2 — Permits
3Removal of property and restoration of area
4Permits for guiding required
5Permits for trapping required
Division 3 — Public Conduct and Enforcement
7Must give information
8Disturbance prohibited
11.1Tobacco and e-cigarettes
12Snow sliding devices
13Responsibility for action of minors
14Exemption from this regulation
15Obstruction of a park officer or park ranger
16Bowron Lake Park special regulation
17Storage of equipment and supplies
18Horses prohibited
19Control of domestic animals
20Control of other animals
21Explosives prohibited
Division 4 — Motor Vehicles, Vessels and Aircraft
22Peace officer authority under Motor Vehicle Act
23Illegal parking and tow away
24Motor vehicles and snowmobiles
26Commercial vehicles prohibited
Division 5 — Firearms, Hunting and Fishing
28Possession of firearms, bows and crossbows
29Discharge of firearms, bows and crossbows prohibited
30Feeding of wildlife
31Seizure of hunting and fishing devices
Division 6 — Preservation and Waste Management
32Prohibited activity
33Litter only in receptacle provided
34Transporting litter into a park, conservancy or recreation area
Division 7 — Camping and Picnicking
35Designated representative
36Registration required
37Controlled public access
38Camping restrictions
39Maximum length of stay
40Limited occupancy or use
40.1Second vehicles
40.2Maximum number of persons on a campsite
Division 8 — Fees
41Fee collection period
42Payment of fees
53Park use permit and resource use permit fees
Division 9 — Park Rangers
56Park ranger responsibilities
Schedule A
Schedule B
Schedule C
Schedules D to J
Schedule K
Schedules L and M