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"Point in Time" Regulation Content

Provincial Court Act

Judges' Leave Entitlement Regulation

B.C. Reg. 327/95

 Note: This regulation has been placed in the Regulations Point in Time collection. This regulation is not repealed.

B.C. Reg. 327/95
O.C. 1301/87
Deposited July 24, 1995

Provincial Court Act

Judges' Leave Entitlement Regulation

[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 205/2001]

Commencing with the year 1987 the entitlement to vacation leave of the chief judge, an associate chief judge and each other judge of the Provincial Court, (other than a supernumerary judge or a judge reappointed under section 6 (1) (b) of the Provincial Court Act) is as follows:

Annual vacation leave

1   A full time judge is entitled each year to a vacation leave equal to

(a) 30 working days


(b) any other vacation leave entitlement accumulated under section 2.

[am. B.C. Reg. 205/2001.]

Accumulated unused vacation entitlement

2   (1) A judge may, in any year, elect to forgo up to 5 days of his vacation leave entitlement for that year and to take that vacation leave at a later time, but the maximum amount of vacation leave entitlement that may be accumulated in this way is 30 days.

(2) If the chief judge considers that the operational needs of the court are best served by allowing a judge to forgo more than the 5 days, or to accumulate more than the 30 days provided for under subsection (1), the judge may exceed these limits as authorized by the chief judge.

[am. B.C. Reg. 328/95.]

[Provisions of the Provincial Court Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 379, relevant to the enactment of this regulation: section 15]