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"Point in Time" Regulation Content

Natural Resource Compliance Act

Natural Resource Officer Authority Regulation

B.C. Reg. 38/2012

NOTE: Links below go to regulation content as it was prior to the changes made on the effective date. (PIT covers changes made from September 19, 2009 to "current to" date of the regulation.)
Section 2 November 22, 2013
November 1, 2015
February 29, 2016
April 16, 2018
December 16, 2019
March 1, 2023

 Section 2, table item "Environmental Assessment Act" was added by BC Reg 232/2013, effective November 22, 2013.

 Section 2, table item "Motor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act" BEFORE amended by BC Reg 193/2015, effective November 1, 2015.

enforcement officerMotor Vehicle (All Terrain) Act

 Section 2, table item "Water Act" BEFORE amended by BC Reg 41/2016, effective February 29, 2016.

officerWater Act

 Section 2, table item "Fish and Seafood Act" was added by BC Reg 78/2018, effective April 16, 2018.

 Section 2, table item "Environmental Assessment Act" BEFORE amended by BC Reg 250/2019, effective December 16, 2019.

person authorized under section 33 of the Environmental Assessment ActEnvironmental Assessment Act

 Section 2 table BEFORE amended by BC Reg 59/2023, effective March 1, 2023.

Column 1
Column 2
officer of the management authorityCreston Valley Wildlife Act
inspectorDike Maintenance Act
compliance and enforcement officerEnvironmental Assessment Act, section 49 (3)
inspectorFish and Seafood Act
forest officerForest Act
officialForest and Range Practices Act
official designated under section 36 (6) (b) of the Heritage Conservation ActHeritage Conservation Act
employee of the ministryLand Act, section 105
public officerLand Act, section 59 (4)
officerOff-Road Vehicle Act
park rangerPark Act
person authorized under section 24 of the Private Managed Forest Land ActPrivate Managed Forest Land Act
forest officerRange Act
officerWater Sustainability Act
officerWater Protection Act
inspectorWeed Control Act
officialWildfire Act
officerWildlife Act