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"Point in Time" Regulation Content

Natural Products Marketing (BC) Act

British Columbia Broiler Hatching Egg Scheme

B.C. Reg. 432/88

NOTE: Links below go to regulation content as it was prior to the changes made on the effective date. (PIT covers changes made from September 19, 2009 to "current to" date of the regulation.)
Section 5 May 25, 2015
November 28, 2016
March 30, 2022

 Section 5 (1) BEFORE amended by BC Reg 86/2015, effective May 25, 2015.

(1) The commission shall hold at least once a year in the month of May, or as soon as possible afterwards, a general meeting of the registered producers and shall give at least 14 days notice of the meeting and of its time and place.

 Section 5 (2) (a) BEFORE amended by BC Reg 211/2015, effective November 28, 2016.

(a) shall elect a person who meets the requirements of section 42 of the Society Act, as auditor, for the purpose of auditing the books of account and affairs of the commission, and

 Section 5 (2) (b) BEFORE amended by BC Reg 76/2022, effective March 30, 2022.

(b) determine the remuneration to be paid from time to time to the chairman and members of the commission out of the revenues of the commission.