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This Act is current to June 11, 2024
See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Fireworks Act

[RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 146

2Application of Act
3Selling, giving or setting off fireworks
4Sale to minor
5Permission for public display
6Power to make regulations


1   In this Act, "fireworks" includes cannon crackers, fireballs, firecrackers, mines, Roman candles, skyrockets, squibs, torpedoes and any other explosive designated as a firework by regulation.

Application of Act

2   This Act applies to

(a) a municipality that, by bylaw, declares that this Act applies, and

(b) a rural area designated by regulation.

Selling, giving or setting off fireworks

3   Except between October 24 and November 1 in any year, a person must not sell, give, fire or set off fireworks.

Sale to minor

4   The fire commissioner may designate fireworks that may not be sold to a minor without the written permission of the parent or guardian of the minor.

Permission for public display

5   Fireworks may be sold to and discharged by a person or organization at a public display if the public display is held with the written permission of

(a) the fire commissioner, or

(b) a local assistant of the fire commissioner who has jurisdiction in the fire district where the public display is held.

Power to make regulations

6   The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations referred to in section 41 of the Interpretation Act.