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This Act is current to July 16, 2024
See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Hotel Guest Registration Act

[RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 205

2Guest register
3Duty of guest to provide information
4Inspection of records
5Offence and penalty
6Power to make regulations


1   In this Act:

"constable" includes an officer or constable of the Provincial police;

"hotel" includes an inn or building in which private rooms are maintained for the accommodation of the public;

"keeper" means the person operating, managing or in charge of a hotel.

Guest register

2   (1) A keeper of a hotel must provide and keep a suitable guest register for the registration of all persons provided with sleeping, housekeeping, camping or other accommodation at the hotel, and all those guests must be registered in it.

(2) On the arrival of a guest the keeper must require the guest to enter in the register, or must enter for the guest, the following:

(a) the name and home address of the guest and of all other persons in the guest's party;

(b) the date of the arrival;

(c) if the guest is travelling by motor vehicle,

(i) the trade name of the motor vehicle, and

(ii) the licence number, and other identifying letters or characters appearing on the official number plate carried on it, including the name of the province, state or country in which the number plate was issued.

(3) On the departure of the guest, the keeper must enter the date of departure in the register.

Duty of guest to provide information

3   (1) On arriving at any hotel and applying for accommodation of a character described in section 2, a guest must provide to the keeper at the hotel the registration information necessary to complete the registration in accordance with section 2.

(2) A guest must not be provided with accommodation until the information has been provided.

Inspection of records

4   The registration records must be open at all times for inspection by a constable.

Offence and penalty

5   (1) A person who contravenes this Act commits an offence.

(2) A person who commits an offence under subsection (1) is liable on conviction to a penalty of not more than $25.

Power to make regulations

6   The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations referred to in section 41 of the Interpretation Act.