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This Act is current to December 14, 2022
See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services Act

[RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 309

2Powers, duties and functions of the minister
3Provincial Registrar of British Columbia
4Appointment of staff
5Matters connected with elections
6Custody of orders in council
7Tariff of fees


1   There is to be a ministry of the public service of British Columbia called the Ministry of Provincial Secretary and Government Services, over which the minister is to preside and have direction.

Powers, duties and functions of the minister

2   (1) The minister has all the powers, duties and functions assigned by law or custom to Provincial Secretaries and registrars of the different provinces of Canada, insofar as they are applicable to British Columbia.

(2) The minister must keep the Great Seal of the Province, and issue all letters patent, commissions and other documents under the seal and countersign them.

(3) All commissions under the Great Seal run in Her Majesty's name.

(4) The minister must keep all registers of British Columbia and of any government that has had jurisdiction over the territory or any part of the territory constituting British Columbia.

(5) The minister has other powers and duties assigned to the minister

(a) under the Constitution Act, and

(b) by enactments naming the Provincial Secretary.

(6) A person appointed to the office of minister has all the powers, duties and authorities which, by an Act, ordinance, proclamation or order in council passed or made before April 11, 1872, are conferred and imposed on the Colonial Secretary.

Provincial Registrar of British Columbia

3   (1) The minister is the Provincial Registrar of British Columbia and must register all instruments of summons, commissions, letters patent, writs and other instruments and documents issued under the Great Seal.

(2) The minister's signature is proof that the registers, instruments of summons, commissions, letters patent, writs and other instruments and documents exist and are lawfully in the minister's possession.

(3) A copy of any document signed by the minister is equivalent to the original instrument in a court in British Columbia.

(4) A document or copy of a document purporting to bear the minister's signature is deemed to do so in the absence of proof to the contrary.

Appointment of staff

4   A deputy minister and other officers and employees required for the conduct of the ministry's business may be appointed under the Public Service Act.

Matters connected with elections

5   The minister has charge of all matters connected with the holding of elections for the Legislative Assembly, except as provided in any other Act.

Custody of orders in council

6   The minister has charge of all orders in council and minutes of council made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Tariff of fees

7   The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make a tariff of fees which must be paid for the issuing and registering of commissions, letters patent and other instruments and documents, and for the delivery of certified copies of them or of certified extracts from the registers in the ministry.


8   [Repealed 2000-23-51.]