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This Act is current to June 18, 2024
See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Despite the above date, the Schedule to the Act, including the Map of Nisg̱a'a Lands and the Appendices, is current to May 11, 2000. See "Amending Agreements" for amendments to the Schedule.

Nisg̱a'a Final Agreement Act

[SBC 1999] CHAPTER 2



1. On the effective date, the Parties will establish an Implementation Plan to guide the Parties on the implementation of this Agreement.

2. The Implementation Plan will be for a term of 10 years, commencing on the effective date.

3. The Implementation Plan:

a. identifies obligations and activities arising from this Agreement;

b. identifies the manner in which the Parties anticipate fulfilling those obligations and undertaking those activities;

c. contains guidelines for the operation of the Implementation Committee established under this Chapter;

d. includes a communication strategy in respect of the implementation and content of this Agreement;

e. provides for the preparation of annual reports on the implementation of this Agreement; and

f. addresses other matters agreed to by the Parties.

4. The Implementation Plan:

a. is not part of this Agreement;

b. is not intended to be a treaty or land claims agreement, and it is not intended to recognize or affirm aboriginal or treaty rights, within the meaning of sections 25 or 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982;

c. does not create legal obligations;

d. does not alter any rights or obligations set out in this Agreement;

e. does not preclude any Party from asserting that rights or obligations exist under this Agreement even though they are not referred to in the Implementation Plan; and

f. is not to be used to interpret this Agreement.


5. On the effective date, the Parties will establish the Implementation Committee for a term of 10 years:

a. to provide a forum for the Parties to discuss the implementation of this Agreement; and

b. before the tenth anniversary of the effective date, to advise the Parties on the further implementation of this Agreement.

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