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This Act is current to February 20, 2024
See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Vancouver Charter

[SBC 1953] CHAPTER 55

Part XVI — Cemeteries or Related Property

Council powers in relation to cemeteries and related property

331.   The Council may

(a) acquire real property within or without the city to be used for cemetery, mausoleum, crematorium or columbarium purposes, and lay out, develop, improve, maintain, regulate, and operate cemeteries, mausoleums, crematoriums and columbaria;

(b) regulate the interment or other disposition of the dead in such cemeteries, mausoleums, crematoriums and columbariums;

(c) prohibit the violation of, or damage to, any improvements or fixtures within cemeteries, including mausoleums, columbariums, vaults, monuments, graves or grave-stones;

(d) establish the terms and conditions under which persons may acquire the right to make use of areas or plots in cemeteries, mausoleums, crematoriums and columbariums for the interment of the dead;

(e) establish, set aside, and maintain a fund to defray the perpetual upkeep and care of a cemetery, mausoleum, crematorium, columbarium, or part of any of these, and accept from any person having the right to make use of any area or plot therein, and place in such fund, a capital sum for which the city may agree to ensure perpetual upkeep and care of the cemetery, mausoleum, crematorium or columbarium, or any part of these, and invest the fund in the same manner as sinking funds are to be invested under Part V of this Act.

2004-35-91; 2023-16-32.


332.   [Repealed 2004-35-92.]

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