This is part of an archived statute consolidation that is current to December 31, 2004 and includes changes enacted and in force by that date.

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[RSBC 1996] CHAPTER 487

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1 January 1, 2004
8 January 1, 2004
12 December 31, 2004

Section 1(1) definitions of "council" and "municipality" BEFORE amended by 2003-52-526 effective January 1, 2004 (BC Reg 465/03, repealing BC Reg 428/03).

"council" means the council of a municipality, and includes the board of a regional district;

"municipality" includes a village municipality and a regional district;

Section 8(2) BEFORE amended by 2003-52-527 effective January 1, 2004 (BC Reg 465/03, repealing BC Reg 428/03).

(2) On receipt of a certificate referred to in subsection (1) the municipal collector or the Surveyor of Taxes must enter in the tax roll the amount set out in the certificate in respect of the land or improvement referred to in it and the amount is then deemed for all purposes to be taxes in arrears of the municipality under the Local Government Act, or delinquent taxes under the Taxation (Rural Area) Act and the provisions for collection and recovery of taxes contained in those Acts apply, respectively, to those amounts.

Section 12 BEFORE amended by 2004-44-162 effective December 31, 2004 (BC Reg 547/04).

12 (1) In this section, "highway" means a highway as defined in the Highway Act.

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