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Volume 65, No. 4
The British Columbia Gazette, Part II
March 1, 2022

B.C. Reg. 52/2022, deposited March 1, 2022, under the COMMUNITY CHARTER [section 94.2]. Ministerial Order M55/2022, dated March 1, 2022.

I, Nathan Cullen, Minister of Municipal Affairs, order that the attached Public Notice Regulation is made.

— N. CULLEN, Minister of Municipal Affairs.



1 In this regulation, "Act" means the Community Charter.

Principles for effective public notice

2 (1) Before adopting, under section 94.2 of the Act, a bylaw providing for alternative means of publishing a notice, a council must consider the following principles:

(a) the means of publication should be reliable;

(b) the means of publication should be suitable for providing notices;

(c) the means of publication should be accessible.

(2) Means of publication are reliable if

(a) they provide factual information, and

(b) publication takes place at least once a month or, if the means of publication is a website, the website is updated at least once a month.

(3) Means of publication are suitable for providing notices if

(a) they allow all information in a notice to be displayed legibly,

(b) they allow a notice to be published by the required date, and

(c) they allow a person to consult a notice more than once during the period from the date of publication until the date of the matter for which notice is required.

(4) Means of publication are accessible if

(a) they are directed or made available to a diverse audience or readership, and

(b) they are easily found.

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