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Volume 66, No. 4
The British Columbia Gazette, Part II
March 14, including February 28, 2023

B.C. Reg. 64/2023, deposited March 3, 2023, under the FOREST ACT [section 169]. Order in Council 148/2023, approved and ordered March 3, 2023.

On the recommendation of the undersigned, the Lieutenant Governor, by and with the advice and consent of the Executive Council, orders that, effective March 3, 2023, it being in the public interest, the Crown land outlined in heavy black and shaded grey on the maps on file with GeoBC, Ministry of Water, Land and Resource Stewardship, with the file name Spotted_Owl_PT13_No3_20230201, is specified as the Spotted Owl Designated Area No. 3 under section 169 of the Forest Act for the period ending February 28, 2025.

— B. RALSTON, Minister of Forests; L. BEARE, Presiding Member of the Executive Council.

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