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This Act is current to July 16, 2024
See the Tables of Legislative Changes for this Act’s legislative history, including any changes not in force.

Business Corporations Act

[SBC 2002] CHAPTER 57


(Section 431)

Business Corporations Act


 Column 1Column 2
1Subject to items 1.1 and 1.2, for incorporation, amalgamation or restoration of a company$350*
1.1For incorporation of an unlimited liability company$1 000*
1.2For an amalgamation that results in an unlimited liability company$1 000*
2For registration, amalgamation or reinstatement of an extraprovincial company$350*
3For conversion of a special Act corporation or member-funded society to a British Columbia company$100*
4For filing an annual report$43.39*
5For changing the name of a company or registering a change of name or assumed name of an extraprovincial company$100*
6For a certificate, certified record or certified copy of a record$25*
7For each search conducted by persons other than government personnel$7*
8[Repealed 2003-70-95.] 
9For each search conducted by government personnel$10
10For a copy of or extract from any record, for every page or part of a page$0.50*
11Subject to item 11.1, for continuation into British Columbia, continuation out of British Columbia or amalgamation under Division 4 of Part 9$350*
11.1For continuation into British Columbia as an unlimited liability company$1 000*
12For pre-vetting of records to be filed with the registrar, when offered$100*
13For the search of a maximum of 3 names, including assumed names, on application for reservation of a name. [The fee will not be refunded if a name is not accepted.]$30*
14Subject to item 14.1, for filing a notice of alteration$100*
14.1For filing a notice of alteration to become an unlimited liability company$1 000*
15For filing any record, other than a transition application, a post-restoration transition application or a record the filing of which is required or permitted under another enactment, for which there is no other fee, the fee for each record$20*
16For a priority service when offered$100*
17[Repealed 2003-70-95.] 
18[Repealed 2003-70-95.] 
19For a future dated filing$100*
20For withdrawal of a future dated filing$20*
21For a transition package for a company, consisting of a certified copy of the company's memorandum, a certified copy of the company's articles and a transition guide$40*

* In addition to a fee marked by an asterisk, a further operator fee of $1.50, plus any tax imposed under Part IX [Goods and Services Tax] of the Excise Tax Act (Canada) applicable to the operator fee, may be charged for any transaction done by electronic means from a location outside a government office or at a government office by a person who is not a government employee.

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