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B.C. Reg. 375/96
O.C. 1480/96
Deposited December 16, 1996
effective April 1, 1997
This consolidation is current to January 12, 2021.
See the Cumulative B.C. Regulations Bulletin 2020
for amendments effective after January 12, 2021.
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Environmental Management Act

Contaminated Sites Regulation

[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 13/2019, January 24, 2019]

Part 1 — Interpretation
Part 2 — Site Profiles
2Scope of "industrial or commercial" purpose or activity
3When site profiles must be provided
4Exemptions respecting the providing of site profiles
5Duty to provide a satisfactorily completed site profile
6Assessing and forwarding site profiles
7Duties of a director and the commission after receiving a site profile
Part 2.1 — Summaries of Site Condition
7.1Duty to provide director with summary of site condition
Part 3 — Site Registry
8Site registry
Part 4 — Fees
10Review of report or plan by external contract reviewer
Part 5 — Contaminated Site Definition and Determination
11Definition of contaminated site
12Specification of applicable land, water, sediment and vapour uses and site-specific factors
14Environmental management area
15Procedures for determination of contaminated site
Part 6 — Remediation Standards
16Remediation options
17Application of numerical standards for remediation
18Application of risk-based standards for remediation
18.1Application of risk-based standards for remediation at environmental management areas
Part 7 — Liability
19Persons not responsible — transporters and arrangers
20Persons not responsible — sureties
21Persons not responsible — insurers and insurance brokers
22Persons not responsible — certain owners
23Persons not responsible — producers arranging for transportation
24Persons not responsible — construction on contaminated sites
25Persons not responsible — secured creditors
26Persons not responsible — receivers, receiver managers and bankruptcy trustees
27Persons not responsible — trustees, executors, administrators and other fiduciaries
28Persons not responsible — clarification of innocent acquisition exemption
29Persons not responsible — modification of lessor liability under section 46 (1) (e) of the Act
30Persons not responsible — lessors who provide surface access for subsurface use
31Persons responsible — municipalities
32Persons not responsible — transporters of contaminated soil
33Persons not responsible — contamination which is subject to a wide area remediation plan
35Determining compensation under section 47 (5) of the Act
36Remediation orders — timing for consent and notice
37Remediation orders — diminishing or reducing assets
38Minor contributors
39Voluntary remediation agreements
Part 8 — Contaminated Soil Relocation
40Class of sites defined for Part 8
41Exemptions for soil relocation and disposal
42Soil relocation to a landfill without a contaminated soil relocation agreement
43Application for a contaminated soil relocation agreement
44Conditions pertaining to a contaminated soil relocation agreement
46.1Standards for contaminated soil relocation
46.2Procedures for contaminated soil relocation
Part 9 — Remediation Plan Approval and Completion
47Approval in principle
48Covenants and financial security — general principles
49Requests for certificates
49.1Director may consider recommendations of approved professionals
50Financial security as a condition of a certificate
51Approvals in principle and certificates for part of a site
52Duties of director respecting approvals in principle and certificates of compliance
Part 10
Part 11 — Allocation Panel
54Allocation panel procedures
Part 12 — Public Consultation and Review
55Director's powers
Part 13 — Independent Remediation Procedures
57Notifications for independent remediation
Part 14 — Site Investigations
58Preliminary site investigations
59Detailed site investigations
60Summary of site investigations and remediation plans
60.1Notification of neighbouring site owners after site investigations
Part 15 — Orphan Sites
61Criteria for determining orphan sites
62High risk orphan sites
Part 16 — Professional Statements
63Professional statements
Part 17
Part 18 — Director's Protocols
67Director's protocols
Part 19 — Miscellaneous
68Review of numerical standards
69Manner of publication
Part 20 — Transition
70Transition — matters in progress
71Transition — wide area site
Schedule 1
Schedule 1.1
Schedule 2
Schedule 2.1
Schedule 3
Schedule 3.1
Schedule 3.2
Schedule 3.3
Schedule 3.4
Schedules 4 — 7
Schedule 8
Schedules 9 — 11