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Public Education Flexibility and Choice Act

[SBC 2002]  CHAPTER 3

Table of Legislative Changes
(January 1, 1997 - December 31, 2004)

This table is provided for convenience. While every effort is made to achieve accuracy,
only the statutes are authoritative. Legal opinion should be sought if interpretation is required.

Changes Not in Force

Section Change Citation Into force
1  am  2003-48-24  by reg 
6, 7  en  2002-3-6,7 [amendmt]  by reg 

Changes in Force

Section Change Citation Effective date
en  2002-3-1  28 Jan 2002 (RA) 
  am  2004-33-28  11 Jun 2004 (BC Reg 252/04) 
2 to 4  en  2002-3-2 to 4  28 Jan 2002 (RA) 
en  2002-3-5 [amendmt]  28 Jan 2002 (RA) 
en  2002-3-8(part) [amendmt]  28 Jan 2002 (RA) 
  en  2002-3-8(rem) [amendmt]  1 Sept 2002 (BC Reg 230/02, repealing BC Reg 168/02) 
9 to 14  en  2002-3-9 to 14 [amendmt]  28 Jan 2002 (RA) 
15  en  2002-3-15 [amendmt]  1 Jul 2002 
16  en  2002-3-16 [amendmt]  28 Jan 2002 (RA) 

Explanatory Note for Table of Legislative Changes — SBC Act (post-RS96)

This Table shows

  • the originally enacted provisions of the Act, and
  • any Act changes enacted between the date the Act was enacted and December 31, 2004.

The Table may have 1, 2 or 3 parts: "Changes by Regulation" or "Order" (italics) lists provisions authorizing changes by regulation or order in council, "Changes Not in Force" (italics) identifies changes that are not in force, and "Changes in Force" identifies changes that have come into force, as of December 31, 2004.

The "Section" column identifies sections of the Act affected by changes; sections not changed are not listed. The "Change" column shows the nature of the changes (see abbreviations below). The "Citation" column cites the enactments making the changes. The "Into force" column (under "Changes Not in Force") shows how changes are to come into force. The "Effective date" column (under "Changes in Force") indicates when changes have come into force.

Abbreviations that may be used:
am = amended
conseq = consequential
eff = effect(ive)
en = enacted
per = under, pursuant to
RA = Royal Assent
re-en = re-enacted
reg = regulation
rem = remainder
rep = repealed
retro = retroactive
Supp = Supplement

The Users Guide to the Table of Legislative Changes provides more information on the content and structure of the tables.