B.C. Reg. 497/74
O.C. 2419/74
Filed July 22, 1974
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Petroleum and Natural Gas Act


Terms and conditions of surface leases

1 Every surface lease (hereinafter referred to as the "lease") that is hereafter made in respect of the rights to the surface of land other than the surface rights of Crown land shall contain, inter alia, the following terms and conditions with whatever changes in wording are necessary as to names, offices and the like:

(a) no surface area covered by the lease shall be used for purposes other than those set out in the lease unless the grantor of the lease consents in writing to such other use;

(b) no surface area covered by the lease shall be reduced except with the consent in writing of the grantor and grantee;

(c) if the grantee of the lease fails or neglects to pay rentals or to make payments pursuant to the terms thereof and such default shall continue for a period of 90 days after demand therefor shall have been made, the grantor may terminate the lease;

(d) the grantee of the lease may, upon not less than 90 days notice to the grantor, terminate the lease on or after the expiration of the second year of its term.


[Provisions of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 361, relevant to the enactment of this regulation: section 31 (a)]

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