33/99: Classes of Business Premises Regulation
B.C. Reg. 33/99
O.C. 162/99
Deposited February 4, 1999
This archived regulation consolidation is current to April 21, 2006 and includes changes enacted and in force by that date. For the most current information, click here.

Vancouver Charter


[includes amendments up to B.C. Reg. 367/2005, December 13, 2005]


1 Words and expressions used in this regulation to denote any premises in which a business is carried on have the same meaning as the corresponding words or expressions in By-law No. 4450 or By-law No. 2807 of the City of Vancouver.

Prescribed classes of business premises

2 The following classes of business premises are prescribed for the purposes of section 279A.1 of the Vancouver Charter:

(a) bottle depots;

(b) cheque cashing centres;

(c) business premises of pawnbrokers;

(d) business premises of retail dealers, including retail dealers-food;

(e) business premises of second hand dealers;

(f) business premises of social escort services;

(f.1) business premises of dating services;

(g) fitness centres;

(h) hairdressing salons;

(i) laundries;

(j) limited service food establishments;

(k) postal rental agencies;

(l) restaurants, including class and class 2 restaurants;

(m) tanning/skin care salons;

(n) theatres;

(o) extended hours liquor establishments, including class 1 to 7 extended hours liquor establishments;

(p) standard hours liquor establishments, including class 1 to 7 standard hours liquor establishments.

[am. B.C. Regs. 83/99; 367/2005.]

[Provisions of the Vancouver Charter, S.B.C. 1953, c. 55, relevant to the enactment of this regulation: section 279A.1]

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