B.C. Reg. 283/88
O.C. 1407/88
Deposited July 29, 1988
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Utilities Commission Act



1 In this regulation, "Act" means the Utilities Commission Act.

Authority to fix and collect levies

2 For the purpose of recovering the expenses arising out of the administration of the Act, the commission is authorized

(a) to fix, by order, levies payable for each fiscal year of the commission

(i) by public utilities or by the members of classes of public utilities classified by reference to the type of energy that is transmitted or distributed or the type of service furnished by those members, or

(ii) by other persons to whom a provision of the Act applies or classes of those persons,

(b) to fix different levies for public utilities or persons referred to in paragraph (a) or classes of either of them and, in the case of public utilities or classes of public utilities, to base the amount of a levy on the value or the volume of the energy transmitted or distributed or the service furnished,

(c) to require payment of a levy by monthly, quarterly or half yearly instalments and to determine the amount of each instalment, and

(d) to collect and retain all levies collected by the commission under this regulation.

Demand notice

3 The commission shall, in each fiscal year, deliver to a public utility or other person who is subject to a levy a demand notice specifying the levy payable by the public utility or other person for that year, the number of instalments in which the levy is payable, the amount of each instalment and any other information the commission considers relevant.


[Provisions of the Utilities Commission Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 473, relevant to the enactment of this regulation: section 125 (2)]

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