B.C. Regulations Bulletin
No. 41 – November 8, 2022
B.C. Regulations 215/2022 – 217/2022

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Order   B.C. Reg. Number  Deposit Date
  Court Rules Act
559/2022Amends B.C. Reg. 533/95 — Provincial Court (Child, Family and Community Service Act) Rules, effective December 19, 2022 216/2022November 8, 2022
  Public Sector Employers Act
561/2022Amends B.C. Reg. 84/2003 — Social Services Employers Regulation 217/2022November 8, 2022
  Workers Compensation Act
560/2022Amends B.C. Reg. 125/2009 — Firefighters' Occupational Disease Regulation 215/2022November 8, 2022

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