since RS1897 to April 29, 2011

See the Table of Legislative Changes in the 2011 and subsequent Statutes of British Columbia annual bound volumes for information concerning statutes that are repealed, replaced or renamed after April 29, 2011.

Note: if an Act was replaced by a later one with the same title and that later version is still current, the Act is not listed here.

Original Title Most Recent Citation Repealed By Repeal Date Replaced By / Retitled As
Racing Commission RS1960-328 revised RS1979   consolidated into Horse Racing [RS1979-174]
Radium RS1936-186 1937-47-17 Apr 1, 1938 replaced by Department of Mines
Railway Assessment, 1907 1907-42 revised RS1911   see Taxation [RS1911-222-186 to 195]
Railway Belt Boundary RS1911-195 not revised further   x
Railway Belt Definition, 1906 1906-37 revised RS1911   retitled Railway Belt Boundary [RS1911-195]
Railway Department RS1948-284 1959-12-7 Mar 20, 1959 replaced by Department of Commercial Transport
Railway Lands Timber Royalty RS1911-197 1923-17-142 Dec 21, 1923 replaced by Forest
Railway Subsidy Lands Definition 1920-75 not revised   x
Railway Subsidy Lands Repurchase RS1911-198 1922-71-2 Dec 16, 1922 x
Railway Subsidy Lands Repurchase 1912-37 not revised   x
Railway Subsidy Lands Repurchase Titles 1920-76     not revised
Railway Subsidy Lands Surveys Confirmation 1926/27-57 Spent   x
Rate Increase Restraint 1982-77 2007-14-225 (n) May 31, 2007 x
Real Estate RS1996-397 2004-42-146 Jan 1, 2005 replaced by Real Estate Services
Real - estate Agents’ Licensing RS1948-189 1958-47-47 (1) Jun 1, 1958 replaced by Real Estate
Real Property Assets RS1897-60 revised RS1911   consolidated into Administration [RS1911-4-114 to 124]
Real Property Conveyance RS1911-47 revised RS1924   retitled Short Form of Deeds [RS1924-233]
Real Property Tax Deferment 1974-78 revised RS1979   retitled Land Tax Deferment [RS1979-218]
Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments RS1960-331 revised RS1979   consolidated into Court Order Enforcement [RS1979-75]
Reciprocal Enforcement of Maintenance Orders RS1960-332 1972-20-61 (4) July 1, 1972 replaced by Family Relations
Recognizances RS1960-333 1980-40-1 (y) Nov 12, 1981 x
Recovery of Goods RS1979-357 1982-46-37 Sep 7, 1982 x
Recreational Land RS1979-359 1982-43-30 Jul 8, 1982 x
Recreational Land Green Belt Encouragement 1974-79 revised RS1979   retitled Recreational Land [RS1979-359]
Redistribution, 1902 1902-58 revised RS1911   consolidated into Constitution [RS1911-44]
Reformatory RS1897-108     retitled Industrial School [1909-40-2]
Refugee Settlement RS1996-401 1999-6-25 Jun 29, 1999 x
Regional Hospital Districts 1967-43 revised RS1979   retitled Hospital District [RS1979-178]
Regional Parks 1965-43 revised RS1979   retitled Park (Regional) [RS1979-310]
Registered Music Teachers RS1960-334 revised RS1979   retitled Music Teachers (Registered) [RS1979-294]
Registered Nurses RS1960- revised RS1979   retitled Nurses (Registered) [RS1979-
Registered Psychiatric Nurses 1968-48 revised RS1979   retitled Nurses (Psychiatric) [RS1979-301]
Regulatory Impact Statement 1999-19 2001-43-16 Aug 27, 2001 x
Religious Institutions RS1960-337 revised RS1979   retitled Trustee (Church Property) [RS1979-415]
Rent - control RS1960-338 1974-45-60 (1) Oct 1, 1974 replaced by Landlord and Tenant
Renters Resource Grant 1972-18 1975-66-3 Dec 31, 1975 retitled Elderly Citizen Renters Grant [1975-66-1]
Replevin RS1960-339 1982-46-37 Sep 7, 1982 see now Recovery of Goods
Residence and Responsibility RS1979-364 1996-6-56 (3) Oct 7, 1996 replaced by BC Benefits (Income Assistance)
Residential Premises Interim Rent Stabilization 1974-81 1974-109-20 Dec 31, 1974 see now Landlord and Tenant
Residential Property Tax Increase Limitation, 1989 1989-12 self-repeal per s. 8 Jan 1, 1992 x
Resource Investment Corporation RS1979-366     retitled Westar Group Ltd. Special Provisions [1988-56-1]
Resource Revenue Stabilization Fund 1984-8 1988-26-20 Mar 31, 1988 see now Special Accounts Appropriation and Control
Revenue RS1979-367 1981-15-71 Nov 26, 1981 replaced by Financial Administration
Revenue Sharing RS1979-368 1994-46-14 Apr 1, 1994 replaced by Local Government Grants
Revenue Tax, 1901 1901-46 revised RS1911   consolidated into Taxation [RS1911-222]
Revised Statutes 1966-42 revised RS1979   retitled Statute Revision RS1979-394
Rice Lake Lands Settlement 1915-53     not revised
Right of Entry Arbitration 1953 (2)-19 1954-31-90 Apr 14, 1954 replaced by Petroleum and Natural Gas
Riverbank Protection RS1996-408 2003-45-32 May 29, 2003 x
Rivers and Streams RS1897-168 1909-48-332 Mar 12, 1909 replaced by Water
Rules of Practice, 1905 1905-43 revised RS1911   retitled Court Rules of Practice [RS1911-52]
Rural Street-lighting RS1924-242 1936-45-2 Apr 1, 1936 x
Rural Telephone RS1960-343 revised RS1979   retitled Telephone (Rural)


In the column headed "Repeal Date", the notation "NIF" means that a repeal has been enacted by the Legislature but the effective date has not yet been set by regulation.

During revision, sometimes several Acts were consolidated into one. These are denoted in the "Replaced By / Retitled As" column by a notation such as "consolidated into Administration [RS1911-4-98, 104 to 110]". Conversely, sometimes a large Act has been split during revision into several smaller ones. An example of the notation for this situation is found under "Aliens".

A statute that has been retitled by legislation will have a notation such as that for "BC Benefits (Child Care)" -- the citation for the title change is given in full: 2001-4-19. A statute that was retitled during revision will have a citation with an "RS" year and chapter, but no section number, such as "BC Forest Renewal".

Notations in the "Replaced By / Retitled As" column such as "see XYZ", instead of "replaced by XYZ" are used in cases where the later Act repeals the earlier Act, but the content of the later Act is to a large extent different from that of the earlier Act.