since RS1897 to April 29, 2011

See the Table of Legislative Changes in the 2011 and subsequent Statutes of British Columbia annual bound volumes for information concerning statutes that are repealed, replaced or renamed after April 29, 2011.

Note: if an Act was replaced by a later one with the same title and that later version is still current, the Act is not listed here.

Original Title Most Recent Citation Repealed By Repeal Date Replaced By / Retitled As
Job Protection RS1996-240 self-repeal by reg per s. 20; 2002-48-16 ss. 1-19 May 2, 2002; Sch May 30, 2002 x
Judgments 1908-26 revised RS1911   consolidated into Execution [RS1911-79] and Fraudulent Preference [RS1911-94]
Jurors RS1911-121 1913-34-70 Jul 1, 1913 replaced by Jury
Juvenile Courts RS1960-203 1963-14-17 Jul 1, 1963 replaced by Family and Chilldren’s Court
Juvenile Delinquency Inquiry 1958-23 spent   x


In the column headed "Repeal Date", the notation "NIF" means that a repeal has been enacted by the Legislature but the effective date has not yet been set by regulation.

During revision, sometimes several Acts were consolidated into one. These are denoted in the "Replaced By / Retitled As" column by a notation such as "consolidated into Administration [RS1911-4-98, 104 to 110]". Conversely, sometimes a large Act has been split during revision into several smaller ones. An example of the notation for this situation is found under "Aliens".

A statute that has been retitled by legislation will have a notation such as that for "BC Benefits (Child Care)" -- the citation for the title change is given in full: 2001-4-19. A statute that was retitled during revision will have a citation with an "RS" year and chapter, but no section number, such as "BC Forest Renewal".

Notations in the "Replaced By / Retitled As" column such as "see XYZ", instead of "replaced by XYZ" are used in cases where the later Act repeals the earlier Act, but the content of the later Act is to a large extent different from that of the earlier Act.