since RS1897 to April 29, 2011

See the Table of Legislative Changes in the 2011 and subsequent Statutes of British Columbia annual bound volumes for information concerning statutes that are repealed, replaced or renamed after April 29, 2011.

Note: if an Act was replaced by a later one with the same title and that later version is still current, the Act is not listed here.

Original Title Most Recent Citation Repealed By Repeal Date Replaced By / Retitled As
Pacific North Coast Native Cooperative RS1996-343 2006-12-71 Mar 30, 2006 x
Pacific Vocational Institute and Br. Col. Institute of Technology Amalgamation 1985-81 Spent   x
Parents’ Maintenance RS1960-273 1972-20-61 (3) Jul 1, 1972 replaced by Family Relations
Pari Mutuel Betting Tax RS1960-274 revised RS1979   retitled Horse Racing Tax [RS1979-175]
Park (Regional) RS1996-345 2003-90 Nov 20, 2003 x
Parliamentary Association Conferences RS1960-275 revised RS1979   consolidated into Constitution [RS1979-62]
Parole RS1996-346 2007-8-58 (1) Apr 1, 2007 x
Partition RS1960-276 revised RS1979   retitled Partition of Property [RS1979-311]
Patients’ Estates 1962-44 revised RS1979   retitled Patients Property [RS1979-313]
Patients Property RS1996-349 RS1996-349 Supp-2
nif replaced byAdult Guardianship [RS1996-6]
Pawnbrokers RS1996-350 2002-12-30 Apr 11, 2002 x
Payment of Wages 1962-45 revised RS1979   consolidated into Employment Standards [RS1979-107]
Penalties and Forfeitures, Relief From 1915-48 spent   x
Pension (College) RS1996-353 1999-44-124 (a) Apr 1, 2000 replaced by Public Sector Pension Plans
Pension (Municipal) RS1996-355 1999-44-124 (b) Apr 1, 2000 replaced by Public Sector Pension Plans
Pension (Public Service) RS1996-356 1999-44-124 (c) Apr 1, 2000 replaced by Public Sector Pension Plans
Pension Society RS1979-319 revised RS1996   retitled Pension Fund Societies [RS1996-354]
Pension Statutes (Transitional Arrangement) 1992-47 self repeal per s. 5 (2) Aug 31, 1993 x
Pension (Teachers) RS1996-357 1999-44-124 (d) Apr 1, 2000 replaced by Public Sector Pension Plans
Personal Information Reporting 1973 (2)-139 revised RS1979   retitled Credit Reporting [RS1979-78]
Personalty Exemption RS1897-140     consolidated into Administration] [RS1911-4-111
Pesticide Control RS1996-360 2003-58-45 Dec. 31, 2004 replaced by Integrated Pest Management
Petroleum Corporation RS1979-324 1994-55-1 Sep 30, 1994 x
Petroleum Corporation Repeal 1994-55 2007-14-225 (l) May 31, 2007 x
Petroleum Sales RS1960-281 Spent   not revised further
Petroleum Underground Storage RS1979-325 1988-6-27 Mar 11, 1988 see now Petroleum and Natural Gas
Petty Sessions RS1911-177 1922-71-2 Dec 16, 1922 x
Pharmacists RS1979-326 1993-62-82 part Jan 19, 1995;
part Jul 7, 1995
replaced by Pharmacists, Pharmacy Operations & Drug Scheduling
Pharmacists, Pharmacy Operations and Drug Scheduling
RS1996-363     retitled Veterinary Drugs [2003-77-47] eff. Apr 1, 2009
Pharmacy RS1960-282 1974-62-74 Sep 23, 1974 replaced by Pharmacists
Phosphate-mining RS1936-183 1938-37-36 Jun 1, 1939 see Mineral
Physiotherapists RS1979-327 1994-42-15 Dec 16, 1994 see now B.C. Reg. 485/94 under Health Professions
Physiotherapists and Massage Practitioners RS1960-283 revised RS1979   retitled Physiotherapists [RS1979-327]
Pipeline RS1996-364 2008-36-200 Oct 4, 2010 replaced by Oil and Gas Activities
Placer Mining 1974-63 revised RS1979   retitled Mining (Placer) [RS1979-264]; replaced by Mineral Tenure [1988-5]
Plans Cancellation RS1960-286 1978-25-322 Oct 31, 1979 replaced by Land Title
Podiatrists RS1996-366 2003-57-58 (g) Feb 1, 2011 see Health Professions
Poisons, 1909 1909-38 revised RS1911   consolidated into Pharmacy [RS1911-178-42 and 43]
Police and Prisons Regulation RS1960-288 1974-64-58 (2) Nov 15, 1974 see now Police
Poll Tax RS1948-331 1957-42-898 Jul 1, 1957 replaced by Municipal
Pollution Control RS1979-332 1982-41-47 Sep 16, 1982 replaced by Waste Management
Poolrooms RS1960-290 1971-58-11 Apr 2, 1971 local bylaws now regulate poolrooms
Post - war Rehabilitation 1941/42-33 Spent   x
Poultry and Poultry Products RS1960-291 1977-2-16 (e) Mar 23, 1978 replaced by Agricultural Produce Grading
Pound District RS1960-292 revised RS1979   consolidated into Livestock [RS1979-240]
Power RS1960-293 obsolete   not revised further
Power and Telephone Line Beautification Fund 1972-46 revised RS1979   retitled Transmission Line (Underground) [RS1979-408]
Power Development, 1961 1961 (2)-4     not revised
Power Engineers and Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety RS1996-368 2003-39-102 (d) Apr 1, 2004 replaced by Safety Standards
Power Measures, 1964 1964-40 revised RS1979   consolidated into Hydro Power Measures [RS1979-189]
Power Measures, 1966 1966-38 revised RS1979   consolidated into Hydro Power Measures [RS1979-189]
Practical Nurses RS1960-295 revised RS1979   retitled Nurses (Practical) [RS1979-300]
Prearranged Funeral Services 1962-51 revised RS1979   retitled Funeral Plan [RS1979-147]
Pre-emptors’ Free Grants RS1948-262 obsolete   not revised further
Prejudgment Interest 1974-65 revised RS1979   retitled Court Order Interest [RS1979-76]
Premier’s Advisory Council for Persons with Disabilities RS1996-371 2002-12-31 Apr 11, 2002 x
Prescription RS1960-296 RS1960-208-38A (3), as enacted by 1971-30-8 Apr 2, 1971 see now Land Registry [currently Land Title]
Private Detectives’ Licensing RS1960-297     retitled Private Investigators’ Licensing [1969-35-24]
Private Investigators’ Licensing RS1960-297 revised RS1979   retitled Private Investigators [RS1979-337]
Private Investigators RS1979-337 1980-45-31 Jan 9, 1981 replaced by Private Investigators & Security Agencies
Private Investigators and Security Agencies RS1996-374 2007-30-54 Sep 1, 2008 replaced by Security Services
Private Post-Secondary Education RS1996-375 2003-79-30 (1) Nov 22, 2004 replaced by Private Career Training Institutions
Private Roads, 1963 1963-33 sections 4 and 5 revised RS1979   consolidated into Highway Industrial [RS1979-168-24] and Motor Vehicle [RS1979-288-2]
Privatization Benefits Fund 1988-23 1992-3-20 Mar 31, 1992 x
Probate Duty RS1960-298 1963-44-29 Apr 1, 1963 see now Succession Duty
Probate Recognition RS 1996-376 2009-13-192 nif replaced by Wills, Estates and Succession
Probation RS1960-301 1970-10-54 (2) Apr 3, 1970 replaced by Corrections
Produce Marketing 1926/27-54 1936-45-2 Apr 1, 1936 x
Professional Corporations 1970-37 1974-67-4 Apr 1, 1976 x
Professional Retirement Savings Plan Agreement Extinguishment 1992-80 Spent   x
Prohibition and Woman Suffrage Referendum 1916-50 Spent   not revised
Prohibition Overseas Vote Investigation 1917-50 Spent   not revised
Property Purchase Tax 1987-15     retitled Property Transfer Tax [1992-21-1]
Proscribed Substances 1967-37 1980-40-1 (u) Nov 12, 1981 x
Prospectors Assistance 1974-68 revised RS1979   retitled Mineral Prospectors [RS1979-262]
Prospectors’ Grub-stake RS1960-302 1974-68-10 Aug 1, 1974 replaced by Prospectors Assistance
Protection of Children RS1960-303 revised RS1979   retitled Family & Child Service [RS1979-119]
Protection of Public Participation 2001-19 2001-32-28 Aug 16, 2001 x
Provincial Auxiliary Hospitals RS1960-309 revised RS1979   retitled Hospital (Auxiliary) [RS1979-177]
Provincial Capital Commission 1956-55 revised RS1979   retitled Capital Commission [RS1979-42]
Provincial Child Guidance Clinics RS1960-304 1964-29-43 Apr 1, 1965 replaced by Mental Health
Provincial Coat of Arms RS1960-305 revised RS1979   consolidated into Emblem & Tartan [RS1979-105]
Provincial Debt Refinancing, 1982 1982-52 1990-26-1 (10) Apr 8, 1993 x
Provincial Debt Repayment 1981-27 1990-26-1 (11) Apr 8, 1993 x
Provincial Elections RS1960-306 revised RS1979   retitled Election [RS1979-103]
Provincial Fisheries RS1911-89 revised RS1924   retitled Fisheries [RS1924-92]
Provincial Home, 1969 1969-29 1980-40-1 (v) Nov 12, 1981 x
Provincial Home Acquisition 1967-39 1989-3-7 (d) nif not revised
2004-14-25 (h) Mar 31, 2004 x
Provincial Home - acquisition Grant 1967-39     retitled Provincial New-home Building Assistance [1969-30-1]; further retitled Provincial Home Acquisition [1970-40-1]
Provincial Home for Incurables RS1936-229 1937-62-9 Dec 10, 1937 replaced by Provincial Infirmaries
Provincial Home for the Aged RS1948-271 1958-29-4 Jan 1, 1960 see Mental Hospitals
Provincial Home-owner Grant RS1960-308 revised RS1979   retitled Home Owner Grant [RS1979-171]
Provincial Infirmaries RS1960-309     retitled Provincial Auxiliary Hospitals [1965-39-2]
Provincial Land Surveyors RS1897-23 1905-7-59 Apr 8, 1905 replaced by British Columbia Land Surveyors
Provincial Mental Health Centres RS1960-310 1964-29-43 Apr 1, 1965 replaced by Mental Health
Provincial-Municipal Partnership 1985-19 1997-25-219 (c) Jul 28, 1997 x
Provincial-Municipal Partnership (Taxation Measures) 1985-54 1997-25-219 (d) July 28/97 x
Provincial Museum 1967-41 revised RS1979   retitled Museum
Provincial New - home Building Assistance 1967-39     retitled Provincial Home Acquisition [1970-40-1]
Provincial Parks RS1936-211 1939-20-22 Nov 30, 1939 see Forest
Provincial Rapid Transit Subsidy 1972-50 1989-14-1 (d) Mar 14, 1991 x
Provincial Secretary RS1960-312     retitled Ministry of the Provincial Secretary and Travel Industry [1977-75-73]
Provincial Transit Fund 1968-62 1989-14-1 (e) Feb 1, 1991 x
Provisional Free Miners’ Certificates (Placer) RS1948-215 1960-34-2 Mar 18, 1960 x
Psychiatric Nurses RS1960-313 1968-48-16 Jun 1, 1973 replaced by Registered Psychiatric Nurses
Psychologists RS1996-381 1999-12-19 Jan 1, 2000 see now B.C. Reg. 442/99 under Health Professions
Public Accomodation Practices 1961-50 1969-10-24 Jun 16, 1969 replaced by Human Rights
Public Bodies Financial Information 1961-51 revised RS1979   retitled Financial Information [RS1979-131]
Public Construction Fair Wages 1976-43 revised RS1979   retitled Wage (Public Construction) [RS1979-426]
Public Documents Disposal RS1960-314 revised RS1979   retitled Document Disposal [RS1979-95]
Public Education Support Staff Collective Bargaining Assistance 2000-2 2007-14-225 (m) May 31, 2007 x
Public Inquiries RS1960-315 revised RS1979   consolidated into Inquiry [RS1979-198]
Public Institutions Indemnification (Municipalities) 1932-42 1936 (2)-44-2 Apr 1, 1937 x
Public Libraries RS1960-316 revised RS1979   retitled Library [RS1979-235]
Public Officers’ Security RS1960-317 revised RS1979   consolidated into Public Service Bonding [RS1979-345]
Public Officials and Employees Disclosure 1974-73 revised RS1979   retitled Financial Disclosure [RS1979-130]
Public Parks RS1897-148 revised RS1911   consolidated into Provincial Parks [RS1911-187-23 to 27]
Public Printing RS1960-318 revised RS1979   retitled Queen’s Printer [RS1979-353]
Public Recreational Facilities 1977-78 revised RS1979   retitled Recreational Facility [RS1979-358]
Public Schools RS1960-319 revised RS1979   retitled School [RS1979-375]
Public Schools Construction RS1960-320 1980-40-1 (w) Nov 12, 1981 x
Public Schools Interim Arbitration Procedure 1974-113 1980-40-1 (x) Nov 12, 1981 x
Public Sector Collective Bargaining Disclosure 1990-66 1991-1-46 Jan 30, 1991 replaced by Compensation Fairness
Public Sector Restraint 1983-26 1987-24-70 Jul 27, 1987 x
Public Service Bonding RS1996-387 2002-12-32 Apr 11, 2002 x
Public Service Group Insurance RS1960-321 1976-46-9 Jun 30, 1976 replaced by Public Service Benefit Plans
Public Service Superannuation RS1960-57 revised RS1979   retitled Pension (Public Service) [RS1979-318]
Public Services Medical Plan RS1960-322 revised RS1979   consolidated into Public Service Benefit Plan [RS1979-344]
Public Toilet RS1996-389 2008-28-129 Mar 31, 2009 replaced by Public Health
Public Trustee RS1996-390 RS1996-390 Supp-2 Feb 28, 2000 replaced by Public Guardian & Trustee
Public Utilities RS1960-323 1973-29-187 Jul 15, 1973 replaced by Energy
Public Works RS1948-279 1955-65-50 Mar 15, 1955 replaced by Department of Public Works
Public Works Fair Employment 1973-75 1976-43-11 Jun 30, 1976 replaced by Public Construction Fair Wages
Public Works Fair Wages and Conditions of Employment RS1960-324 1973-75-7 Apr 18, 1973 replaced by Public Works Fair Employment
Public Works Wages RS1948-280 1951-67-10 Apr 18, 1951 replaced by Public Works Fair Wages and Conditions of Employment
Pulp and Paper Collective Bargaining Assistance 1984-10 self repeal per s. 13: BC Reg 294/84 Sep 28, 1984 x
Pulp and Paper Companies’ Water Agreements 1915-65 not revised   x
Purchasing Commission RS1996-392 2003-22-12 Apr 10, 2003 replaced by Procurement Services
Pyramid Distribution RS1979-351     retitled Multilevel Marketing Regulation [1989-14-2]


In the column headed "Repeal Date", the notation "NIF" means that a repeal has been enacted by the Legislature but the effective date has not yet been set by regulation.

During revision, sometimes several Acts were consolidated into one. These are denoted in the "Replaced By / Retitled As" column by a notation such as "consolidated into Administration [RS1911-4-98, 104 to 110]". Conversely, sometimes a large Act has been split during revision into several smaller ones. An example of the notation for this situation is found under "Aliens".

A statute that has been retitled by legislation will have a notation such as that for "BC Benefits (Child Care)" -- the citation for the title change is given in full: 2001-4-19. A statute that was retitled during revision will have a citation with an "RS" year and chapter, but no section number, such as "BC Forest Renewal".

Notations in the "Replaced By / Retitled As" column such as "see XYZ", instead of "replaced by XYZ" are used in cases where the later Act repeals the earlier Act, but the content of the later Act is to a large extent different from that of the earlier Act.