since RS1897 to April 29, 2011

See the Table of Legislative Changes in the 2011 and subsequent Statutes of British Columbia annual bound volumes for information concerning statutes that are repealed, replaced or renamed after April 29, 2011.

Note: if an Act was replaced by a later one with the same title and that later version is still current, the Act is not listed here.

Original Title Most Recent Citation Repealed By Repeal Date Replaced By / Retitled As
Habit-forming Drugs 1911-17 revised RS1911   consolidated into Pharmacy [RS1911-178-29 to 36]
Habitual Drunkards RS1897-66 revised RS1911   retitled Drunkards [RS1911-70]
Hairdressers RS1996-178     retitled Cosmetologists [1999-13-9]
Handicapped Persons Income Assistance 1972 (2)-4 1976-19-27 Oct 1, 1976 replaced by Guaranteed Available Income for Need
Harbour Board RS1979-160 1983-5-2 May 30, 1985 x
Harbour Board Repeal 1983-5 2007-14-225 (j) May 31, 2007 x
Hazardous Waste Management Corporation 1990-19 self repeal per s. 19 Sep 1, 1995 x
Health Care Services Continuation 2001-23 2001-26-8 Aug 9, 2001 x
Health Cost Stabilization 1982-15 1990-26-1 (6) Apr 8, 1993 x
Health Emergency RS1996-182     retitled Emergency and Health Services [2007­19­11]
Health Improvement Appropriation 1986-9 1988-11-1 Apr 1, 1988 x
Health Insurance RS1960-171 1973-84-8 Dec 14, 1973 x
Health Regulations 1911-20 revised RS1911   consolidated into Health [RS1911-98-9]
Health Research Foundation RS1996-184 2002-25-32 Jul 12, 2002 x
Health Science Centre (UBC) RS1979-163 1989-14-1 (a) Oct 6, 1989 x
Health Sector (Facilities Subsector) Collective Agreement 2004-19 self repeal per s. 10 Sep 30, 2004 x
Hearing Aid RS1996-186 2002-15-16 Apr 1, 2010 x
Heroin Treatment RS1979-166 1989-14-1 (b) Aug 31, 1990 x
Highway RS1996-188 2004-44-114 Dec 31, 2004 replaced by Transportation
Highway Development RS1960-173 obsolete   not revised further
Highway Reclamation, 1911 1911-23 revised RS1911   consolidated into Highway [RS1911-99-8 to 16]
Highway Scenic Improvement RS1996-190 2004-44-115 Dec 31, 2004 replaced by Transportation
Highway Traffic Regulation RS1897-92 revised RS1911   consolidated into Highway [RS1911-1, 2, 17 to 30]
Highways Establishment and Protection, 1905 1905-26 revised RS1911   consolidated into Highway [RS1911-99]
Historic Objects Preservation RS1948-145 1960-2-15 Mar 18, 1960 replaced by Archaeological and Historic Sites Protection
Hog Grading RS1960-174 1977-2-16 Mar 23, 1978 replaced by Agricultural Produce Grading
Holiday Shopping Regulation RS1996-191 2003-7-26 Dec 5, 2003 x
Home Conversion and Leasehold Loan RS1996-192 RS1996-192 Supp-1 nif see also Home Mortgage Assistance Program
2004-14-25 (a) Mar 31, 2004 x
Home Owner Grant Increase, 1989 1989-4 1990-9-9 Jan 1, 1990 x
Home Mortgage Assistance Program RS1996-193 2004-14-25 (c) Mar 31, 2004 x
Home Purchase Assistance RS1996-195 1989-3-7 (b) nif see also Home Mortgage Assistance Program
2004-14-25 (d) Mar 31, 2004 x
Homeowner Interest Assistance RS1996-196 1989-3-7 (c) nif see also Home Mortgage Assistance Program
2004-14-25 (f) Mar 31, 2004 x
Homestead RS1996-197 2000-24-24 Jul 6, 2000 x
Horned Cattle Purchases RS1960-176 revised RS1979   retitled Cattle Horn [RS1979-44]
Horse Breeders’ Registration and Lien RS1948-149 1959-77-7 Mar 20, 1959 x
Horse Racing RS1996-198 2002-14-110 Apr 1, 2003 replaced by Gaming Control
Horse-racing Regulation RS1960-177 revised RS1979   retitled Horse Racing [RS1979-174]
Horse Racing Tax RS1996-199 2002-14-111 Apr 1, 2003 replaced by Gaming Control
Horticultural Board RS1897-94 1911-2-70 Mar 1, 1911 replaced by Agricultural Associations
Hospital (Auxiliary) RS1996-201 1999-12-9 Nov 19, 1999 x
Hospital Construction, 1950 1950-28 1960-20-2 Mar 18, 1960 x
Hospital Construction Aid Tax RS1960-179 1963-17-2 Apr 1, 1963 x
Hospital District Finance RS1996-203 1998-30-92 Mar 31, 1999 x
Hospital Inspection RS1911-103 1922-71-2 Dec 16, 1922 x
Hospital Insurance Act Inquiry 1951-36     not revised
Hospital Services Collective Agreement 1976-21 1990-26-1 Apr 8 1993 x
Hospitals Aid 1933-27 1934-39-3 Mar 29, 1934 x
Hospitals Amalgamation 1984-21 spent Jun 27, 1984 x
Hospitals for Insane RS1897-101 revised RS1911 Feb 1, 1941 retitled Insane Asylums [RS1911-111]; later retitled Mental Hospitals [1912-13-2]
Hospitals Inspection RS1911-103 1922-71-2 Dec 16, 1922 x
Hotel and Motel Room Tax 1971-26 revised RS1979   retitled Hotel Room Tax [RS1979-183]
Hours of Work RS1960-182 revised RS1979   see Employment Standards [RS1979-107-48 to 61 & Schedule 2]
Housing RS1960-183 1979-20-12 Jul 27, 1979 replaced by Ministry of Lands, Parks and Housing
Housing and Employment Development Financing 1982-34 1992-7-12 midnight Jun 30, 1992 x
Housing Construction (Elderly Citizens) RS1996-208 2001-32-8 Sep 14, 2001 x
Housing Incentive Fund 1973-41 1973 (2)-110-15 Nov 15, 1973 replaced by Department of Housing
Human Resources Facilities Development 1974-39 revised RS1979     retitled Human Resource Facility [RS1979-185]
Human Rights Act 1969-10 1973(2)-119-27 Oct 10, 1974 replaced by Human Rights Code
Human Rights Code RS1979-186 1984-22-26 Sep 14, 1984 replaced by Human Rights Act
Human Rights Act RS1996-210     retitled Human Rights Code [1995-42-1]
Human Tissue 1968-19 1972-27-15 Mar 30, 1972 replaced by Human Tissue Gift
Hydro and Power Authority (Land Transfer) 1984-23 spent May 16, 1984 x
Hydro and Power Authority Privatization
RS1996-213 2003-86-5 Nov 20, 2003 replaced by BC Hydro Public Power Legacy and Heritage Contract


In the column headed "Repeal Date", the notation "NIF" means that a repeal has been enacted by the Legislature but the effective date has not yet been set by regulation.

During revision, sometimes several Acts were consolidated into one. These are denoted in the "Replaced By / Retitled As" column by a notation such as "consolidated into Administration [RS1911-4-98, 104 to 110]". Conversely, sometimes a large Act has been split during revision into several smaller ones. An example of the notation for this situation is found under "Aliens".

A statute that has been retitled by legislation will have a notation such as that for "BC Benefits (Child Care)" -- the citation for the title change is given in full: 2001-4-19. A statute that was retitled during revision will have a citation with an "RS" year and chapter, but no section number, such as "BC Forest Renewal".

Notations in the "Replaced By / Retitled As" column such as "see XYZ", instead of "replaced by XYZ" are used in cases where the later Act repeals the earlier Act, but the content of the later Act is to a large extent different from that of the earlier Act.