since RS1897 to April 29, 2011

See the Table of Legislative Changes in the 2011 and subsequent Statutes of British Columbia annual bound volumes for information concerning statutes that are repealed, replaced or renamed after April 29, 2011.

Note: if an Act was replaced by a later one with the same title and that later version is still current, the Act is not listed here.

Original Title Most Recent Citation Repealed By Repeal Date Replaced By / Retitled As
Vancouver and Victoria Trade and Convention Centres Funds 1979-35 revised RS1979   consolidated into Funds Control [RS1979-146-2 & 12]
Vancouver Centennial Celebration 1982-55 2007-14-225 (q) May 31, 2007 x
Vancouver Island Reconveyance RS1911-235 revised RS1924   consolidated into Quieting Titles [RS1924-214-36]
Vancouver Island Settlers’ Rights, 1904 1903/04-54 not consolidated   x
Vancouver Island Settlers’ Rights Agreement Ratification 1910-17 Spent   x
Vancouver Island Telegraph Regulation RS1911-223 1922-71-2 Dec 16, 1922 x
Vancouver Tax Consolidation, 1923 1923-81 not consolidated   x
Vancouver Tax Consolidation, 1936 (Second Session) 1936(2)-57 not consolidated   x
Vancouver Tax-Sale Relief, 1936 (Second Session) 1936 (2)-58 not consolidated   x
Variation of Trusts 1968-57 revised RS1979   retitled Trust Variation [RS1979-413]
Vendors and Purchasers RS1911-236 revised RS1924   consolidated into Land Registry [RS1924-127-28 & 29]
Venereal Disease RS1996-28 2008-28-130 Mar 31, 2009 replaced by Public Health
Venereal Diseases Suppression RS1960-398 revised RS1979   retitled Venereal Disease [RS1979-422]
Veterans’ Land Settlement RS1960-399 revised RS1979   retitled Land (Veterans) [RS1979-222]
Veterinary RS1960-400 1967-55-35 Mar 23, 1967 replaced by Veterinary Medical
Veterinary Laboratory RS1996-477 2003-7-66 Jun 1, 2003 x
Veterinary Medical 1967-55 revised RS1979   retitled Veterinarians [RS1979-423]
Victims’ Rights and Services 1988-64 1995-47-18 Nov 10, 1995 replaced by Victims of Crime
Video Games 2001-22 2004-51-48 May 20, 2004 x
Village Municipalities RS1948-236 1957-42-894 Jul 1, 1957 replaced by Municipal
Village Municipalities Assistance RS1960-401 not further consolidated   x
Villages Fire Protection RS1911-88 1921 (2)-15-38 Jan 1, 1922 replaced by Fire Marshal
Vocational Schools Assistance 1962-67 1973 (2)-142-37 Nov 29, 1973 x
Vocational Training Co-ordination Enabling 1944-55 not consolidated   x
Voting-machine RS1911-238 1922-71-2 Dec 16, 1922 x


In the column headed "Repeal Date", the notation "NIF" means that a repeal has been enacted by the Legislature but the effective date has not yet been set by regulation.

During revision, sometimes several Acts were consolidated into one. These are denoted in the "Replaced By / Retitled As" column by a notation such as "consolidated into Administration [RS1911-4-98, 104 to 110]". Conversely, sometimes a large Act has been split during revision into several smaller ones. An example of the notation for this situation is found under "Aliens".

A statute that has been retitled by legislation will have a notation such as that for "BC Benefits (Child Care)" -- the citation for the title change is given in full: 2001-4-19. A statute that was retitled during revision will have a citation with an "RS" year and chapter, but no section number, such as "BC Forest Renewal".

Notations in the "Replaced By / Retitled As" column such as "see XYZ", instead of "replaced by XYZ" are used in cases where the later Act repeals the earlier Act, but the content of the later Act is to a large extent different from that of the earlier Act.